Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Frayed Ends

27 Juin 2010

Another day in Ouahigouya - another day of training. I seem a little bit frazzled. Not sure why. We move in with our host family tomorrow evening and I was placed in Sissamba. Not sure where that is - but I guess I'm a bit bummed I'm placed in an all female group. I like being around guys - joking around with them, getting their perspective, etc. But now I'm in a group of 3 other girls: two I don't really know, and then Ashley being the third. I'm excited she's in my village - but I just wish I were with a more energetic group. There are a handful of girls I have been gravitating towards because of their energy - and now I won't see them. I suppose that's why I'm upset or frazzled. The other groups are larger. Health is broken up in three groups: Oula, Somyaga and Sissamba. I feel like I depicted myself differently than intended to Dr. Claude - who helped place us with our host families.

Continued from earlier:

I'm calming down. Received my phone today, bought units to call with and find out that the most essential button doesn't work. Joy. I feel really stressed out - but I know it will pass - So, breath....in....out...

Okay! Lunch was pretty gross - unappetizing - more than likely it was my mood not allowing me to eat, so I only ate a little. My French is still bad. Our test results came and I'm [nov low] - the lowest of the low - the ultra beginner. I'm kicking myself in the ass right now because it was my own fault for not studying. So with the topic of language: I tried speaking to a 15 year old and felt like a little baby. It was terrible. I'm really just scratching my nails against this filter in my head - trying to open the holes so more knowledge can flow in and can come out properly.

Aside from language - I'm okay. I'm really excited about the host family. I can't wait to see what they look like - how big the family is - what they're like - etc. I'm just really excited. and I can't wait to learn the language.

I CAN'T WAIT to learn the languages: both French and Moore. I long to be able to converse with the people of Sissamba and the other villages.

I just wish it would come faster.

Let the classes begin.
I'm ready.

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