Sunday, December 19, 2010

Black Friday

26 Novembre 2010

Instead of hustling and bustling to department stores and scrounging for the best sales, I am at my house... in Burkina Faso... oversleeping and recovering from the 108km I biked in the past 2 days. ha. So Thanksgiving was yesterday and all I wanted was to be home with my family, but, of course, I was stuck here in this damn country. I met up with Emily in Sapouy for the holiday: this is what I brought with me, on my bike.

  • Beans which were soaked overnight
  • Boiled sweet potatoes
  • Box of organic vegetable stock
  • Eggplant
  • Garlic
  • Potass (potassium for the beans)
  • Chives
  • Smushed bread, :[
  • Instant mashed potatoes (so good!)
We made a vegetarian Moroccan-spiced soup, stuffing, mashed potatoes with garlic&chives, and sweet potatoes!

Overall it was a good day - nothing compared to how it would be back home... but good. The highlight of the day was when i got to talk to my mom and dad and then Devon! I tried to convince my parents to bake a pie en lieu of the holiday... not sure if it worked. Only ingredient missing this day was Bean - I don't know how to reach her via cellphone.

I miss my family so much.


  1. Smushed bread made me laugh so hard. Sorry : /
    How did you fit all that on your bike!!!! Ahhh! Glad you got to talk to your parentals! I was thankful for Lauren Savoy on Thanksgiving!

  2. It wasn't even funny! I packed it on top of everything so it wouldn't get smushed, but then I didn't realizing tying it down onto my bike would squish it... but, of course, if I were thinking - I would've known.

    Thanks Adam, I'm always thankful for you.

  3. I can just imagine you getting there and having smushed bread and making a sad face. For some reason it makes me smile and laugh.