Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello Philadelphia!

So packing was terrible for the past few days: lugging them around was a test of my patience. They are heavy - as you all know from my last entry - and they are not fun to drag behind me. BUT, I have decided that it would be foolish to try to take things out, and run around trying to find a post office to mail everything back home to my parents. I'll just pay the extra amount to bring them all with me.

I AM IN PHILADELPHIA!! I've met so many different walks of life here - people from the east coast all the way stretched across the west coast. Those from South America to all the way up to Canada! Young and old. It's all pretty exciting, and everyone is very nice & so diverse. And everyone is beyond excited.

We went through the basic orientation: who we (PC) are, what to expect, etc. And I learned quite a bit - but most of the information was general. We were informed we'd get more detailed information when we arrive in country. I'm excited to start training.

Anyway - we ended finishing right around 7:00pm so we gathered a group to go out for sushi. Long story short - we ended up walking 1,000 blocks to find the place to eat - it ended up being BYOB - so we all wanted either wine or beer. Me and two other PCTs, Nick and Nate, walked another 1,000 blocks to find the wine shop (due to some weird law, beer & liquor aren't sold in the same place) and because it was so far away - we skipped the beer. Walked back to Fat Salmon and found out the most amazing news ever: they hadn't been served their sushi yet!! We had assumed they had already indulged in their meal and was just waiting for us to get back. After dinner Sara and I were quite interested in the pool and spa & got bad news about how it closed at 10:00pm... and it was 10:07pm. Boo. It was off to bed from there.

Ended up trying to organize my carry-on, watched Dirty Dancing with my roomie, Ashley and chatted on Skype with Chris (which was really frickin neat-o), and am off to bed.

Gotta get up at 5:30am tomorrow to get ready for the day - vaccinations at 7:15am. Whoo-hooo

I'll fill everyone in tomorrow.
much love.


  1. I am so glad you had such a great first day, and that everything went so well. I hope your little arms don't fall off carrying that dang luggage-you can do it!!! I miss you crazy-haven't begun to go through the boxen and pack up stuff....ugh! May the ride to NY be painless and the final flight awesome.....LOVE YOU SO MUCH
    The Mama

  2. Maaaaayn, that night was filled with so many EPIC fails, yet everything turned out great in the end. Was the sushi good? I shall get a skype!!!

    later gater. I know you're in Africa by now, so when you get this just know everyone here misses you.