Monday, June 7, 2010

Life is Too Fast

Life is quite the trickster.
She doesn't care what you've planned.
She doesn't take into consideration what emotions you may have.

Life, she is not one to sympathize. She just deals you the cards, and expects you to sort them out accordingly. These cards are subject to change, delay, distortion and minimize or exceed one's care to deal with. Yet - they are there, and you must pick them up. You have to always keep in mind that Life is not here to give you an easy path. She wants you to learn. She wants you to hurt. She knows that without the hurt, there is no growth.

And this is what she has given my parents today: a bittersweet occurrence. She has laid out a new opportunity for them, in particularly my mom. They were overjoyed and wanted to celebrate. Life then decided to take away that joy. She twisted and turned the world - and into the cool water fell our dog. He fell into his death. Into a vast ocean of terror. What fright he must've felt as he struggled to paddle his way out of the harsh and unforgiving mass. With no one there but his sister. She panting there, whining with no opposable thumbs. No arms to hold him. To scoop him out of the cold grip. Just short minutes and he must've submitted to Life's twin brother. And into the liquid cage dove my father, to save his dog, save that life, his breath, was not there.

Questions stir through all of our heads. They come and go. They are quick, and yet they linger.

Life, she is cruel. She is short. She is fast. She is thoughtful - and unforgiving. Death comes quickly, and it's time that I come to terms with this. It's cruel, but it is there. It is beautiful and ugly. It is all the same, and yet, so vast a diverse.

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