Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Austin, Baby, We Need to Talk

I know, these four words always mean something bad. They are always heartbreaking - it's like running into a wall face-first. It's never something good. It's never going to be a soft blow, never.

So yes - our relationship is coming to an end. We have but a month left together, and then I'll be on my way - to bigger and better things. I can't focus on you right now. I need to focus on Africa, the next step. What I'm saying is: there are better things to think about, and you are no longer a priority.

Wow - does this sound familiar or what!

Thanks for throwing it in my face yet again... I'm glad I'm moving on. Just needed a little re-cap to make sure I'm still truly alive, because if it doesn't hurt, then there was nothing there to begin with.

But for real Austin, we are parting ways in June...June 11th. I hope you understand I need to be selfish right now.

ha. no. really. These words are much too sharp for me at the moment.


  1. You may be a little bruised for awhile, but the sting will eventually fade to a barely noticeable throb - it too will pass. New doors are opening for you and the integrity that has built for 21 years will finally come to fruition. What a hell of a thing - it's beautiful!!

  2. I loved this post. So synical and sarcastic actually. Very clever in my opinion. I don't think I have ever told you this but I have always admired your writing. You knew that already I'm sure... because I steal from you : )