Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh God...

Since high school, I've been relatively apprehensive on the topic of God. I have had many discussions about His being and His reality...and these discussions are typically those which involve someone telling me He's real and that I should accept Him. Well, I don't like this cramming someone's religion down my throat. Yet - I have no problem with people talking about their religion with me or in front of me. I think it's interesting to see how much faith they put into this higher-spirit whom is supposedly all knowing, all seeing and all doing.

Well - I would have to say I don't believe in him. I don't want to do good for "him." I'd rather do good because I want to and I want to impact people's lives and the world (eventually) in a positive manner - and I have a hard time with the fact that *in my opinion* people need something to look forward to or to tell them it is good, for them to do it and feel good about it. Maybe I don't know enough - YES - I know I don't know enough to make judgements, and I don't like to, but it's human nature. I know there are good people in the world, and I would like to believe it is all because they want to be good, not because God told them to, or because it will get them brownie points with this being who'll let them through these "pearly gates" once their time here on Earth has passed...No! I want to think they want to do good, for good.

Anywho - the reason I am blogging about this higher-being is because on two seperate occasions, maybe more (in recent times) I've noticed that people are relating my good spirit with having a religion. One lady (who is so nice, and open-minded) asked if I have accepted the Lord Jesus into my heart as my Savior...and you know what - I said...well, no - I was raised to choose my own, and as of this time - I haven't found that I need a religion. But it's so uncomfortable when a stranger asks you that - someone you just met. That's such a touchy topic for many people... On another occasion, a really nice girl asked me what my religion was when we were talking about the Peace Corps - I said, stupidly, non-denominational. That is my politically correct answer. I don't want to stir things up, but I also don't want to talk about it at the time when I give these answers.

I just wish people could understand that the goodness in my heart and soul come from me... I am not doing this for something I can't see, touch or believe in...I am doing this to help people because it feels good to help - it feels great to be able to change a person's life in a positive way for no reason - seeing their face sparkle and shine because they are overwhelmed by joy because of what you're doing for them. Religion doesn't make you good, you make yourself good - and you don't need a religion to do good. Why isn't that more common?

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  1. Religion isn't what makes people good. People are either inherantly evil or good. Not evil like the bad guys in movies. I mean not good in nature. I agree with you that one should want to do good to do good. Not do good or else. I also (as you know) believe that relidion to many people is a front, it's a show. There are very few people that actually read the bible. If they did, they probably wouldnt like what they read. I actually think if you and I talked more on the subject you would be a little more enlightened on the subject of God's "Loving Nature" I'm sure what you read will come as a shock. People think that God has a plan for them, and that he loves them... but I think differently. We should really talk about this sometime missy : )

    Ps. I actually really liked this blog.