Monday, May 3, 2010

First bout of Stress

Since I got invited, I've been more than ready to leave the country and be on my way...yet, for some reason, today I just broke down and cried. I have a lot on my plate right now: two jobs, two volunteer obligations, two cats now (I'm cat-sitting, and Lily hates me and her new but temporary home), and on top of that too much debt.

I'm trying to be a waitress at the Flying Saucer - a really neat bar in Austin, but seemed to have lost my mind and all of my material to study for this five page cumulative test which is required to move on to a "skill out" - an oral test over the phone which is usually given by corporate - which is required to begin picking up shifts and actually making your own money. This training is intense but they say it all comes back to you when you start working. I have no doubt in my mind it would - but because I'm only going to be working there for about a month - I'm having second doubts.

Point is - I'm stressed, and didn't think the process of getting myself completely ready to depart would be so mentally exhausting. I'm being torn in so many directions, it's difficult to set my priorities straight. Money. Time. Friends. Family. Work. Apartment. Volunteer. It's all beginning to be too much and I think I just need to stop thinking about all of it so much.

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