Sunday, May 9, 2010

Houston: The New Africa

I was on a editorial shoot this past Friday with Melanie Grizzel in Houston, TX. It was just about a three hour drive from Austin, TX - and I opted to follow her because I wanted to surprise my mom in Huffman that night. Boy, oh boy, does that woman drive fast - she doesn't drive down the road, she flies!! And her excuse - "you've got a red sports car! You should be able to keep up!" haa - then I had to explain to her that my little red sports car eats gas like a panda eats bamboo!

Well - to get to the point of this blog - it was HOT! One of the clients was sweating like he'd never been in the heat before, and Mel was pretty vocal on how hot it was! ha. I was hot, yes, but it wasn't unbearable. We looked at the thermometer and it read 99F at around 3:30pm... then around 5:30pm it jumped up to 102F - Yes, maybe this was the temp of the hot car, but it was pretty warm to say the least. So in the midst of all the complaining, sweating and heat - I started talking about how blistering hot it will be in Africa - "I'm gonna have to endure 104F weather!!" and then Mel pointed out the reading on her thermometer - "Baby, you're in Africa!!" hah.

I guess I can start letting my body acclimate to the heat now.


  1. I want to follow your blog, but it wont let me. I love the new blogger. I'll be reading it everyday so you know. I hope you use it when you're in Africa.

  2. You are following me - silly. I plan on writing while I'm in Africa...but it all depends on how much internet I can access, and how often I'm able to bike into the regional capital.