Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bowel Movements are Classy

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yesterday was quite an experience. I definitely had some major digestive ailment. I don't know what I ate or drank - but my stomach was not having any of it all day. I guess I could say it started with the damn arrechede sauce (peanut sauce) & riz = dinner the last day for demyst. It was terrible and even the PCV said she didn't think it was very good. The only flaw in that argument is that I ate the least of the dish and amd the only one with diarrhea. So I think it must be my body being a wimp and rebelling against my attempt at integration.

So diarrhea all day that leaked into the next day (today). Yum. Spent accumulative of about 40 minutes in the bathroom this morning - Terrible. I felt nauseaus all day yesterday as well - just some icing on the cake I guess. The Best. Today I truly thought I as going to yak everywhere - but was only able to dry heave a couple of times and proceed to piss from my butthole. Real Classy.

Aside from being all sorts of weak and sick - I had a pretty good day! A lot of language in the past two days and even more tech lessons - but this is the life of a trainee.

We're swearing in a Peace Corps Volunteers on my B I R T H D A Y! I'm really excited and I totally predicted it when we were evacuated from Ouahigouya. Also - we get to live with host families in a little less than a week, maybe a little more than a week? I'm just really excited to get out of this dorm-like atmosphere - I want to be back in the rural setting - I want to HAVE to use French and Moore - I want to be integrated within a small village - I want to see the people of this new city! I mostly want to be in a setting that will be like/or similar to my next two years!! YES PLEASE.


  1. Love it!!! I totally get it..Funny, I remember when you used to say the "V" word and I would freak. Let alone talking about the bowel functions. Having been somewhere remotely similar, I understand the overwhelming importance of normal movements and eating odd foods. Your body will adjust..DRINK WATER!!!!

  2. Lauren, what the quanza? That was gross! I didnt want to have to read that. I hope you don't have another experience like that again. I tried calling you on your b day. You need to get better at answering your phone. Geezors!I thought I was bad!