Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nouriture est tres bon!

06 Juillet 2010

Apparently eating food is a good idea. I woke up exhausted and cranky. I think I've had a fever all day and have been really weak. Everyone has eaten and have either yacked or had diarrhea due to the food - but feel find aside from that...

So... Conclusion: I need to eat. I had a chicken club and a coca for lunch. Maybe I'll go out with everyone tonight for dinner instead of laying in bed wondering what I'm doing here. :\

Demyst is coming up - we are going in our small groups again - and I'm sick of being stuck with the same 3 girls for every activity. I can't wait to be with our host family because then I'll be with an advanced speaker. Yay! I mean - it's nothing against the three girls - I just want to expand my circle of friends and who I hang out with. Other people feel that way too - so I don't feel like a total snob. I think.

can you please go away.

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