Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two of my Most Favorite...People

15 Juillet 2010

I received two calls today: one from my Pops and the other from my Love!! It's been a good while since I've spoken to my Dad and so I was overjoyed when I heard his voice. It always makes me so happy and I immediately talk in baby talk - ridiculous. We talked about what I was doing: where I was going next: if my French was improving: if I've made new friends: quoi quoi quoi. He then proceeds to relay a message from Ma saying I need to make a list of "reasonable" items that could be sent to me!

YAY! Care P A C K A G E!

So I'll start making up a list - mostly of good snack foods, spices, treats and so on...stuff that could keep well and be of decent price for them to send it across this tiny lake between us. Yes! $50 for a medium, one size same price box.
  • Twizzlers (thanks dad!)
  • Nutrigrain
  • Cookies = pecan sandies, melanos, yum
  • Kaschi snacks
  • Oatmeal & brown sugar
  • Italian spices
  • Chicken bouillon cubes
  • Dried fruit - Yes PLEASE
  • Cumino - not cumin. For fideo...duh!
I'm really excited about sending Ashley - my LOOVE - my letters and drawings. I'm even more thrilled about the moleskin we're gonna communicate with. Genius! I love it.

love iiitttt.

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  1. care packages are the best! love keeping up with your experiences, Lauren!!