Sunday, August 8, 2010

I Have a Vagina

08 Juillet 2010

There's not much to say other than we're getting ready for Demyst for the weekend. We'll be living with a host PCV and doing everything that volunteer does on a regular basis. It's mostly about seeing what your site could be like and getting a brief understanding of the simple life and possessions and chores of an average PCV. I'm excited about being at site - for the 1000th time - seeing how the villagers react the PCV will be a good experience. Seeing what kinds of relationships the volunteer has developed and what he/she does on a regular basis.

What's happened in the past day or so...

  • My passport says I'm a man. Yes - it says I have a penis when, in fact, I definitely have a vagina. That was exciting? I'll be getting a new passport soon-ish? Hopefully? I come.

  • I finally took a solid poop. No - I have not had diarrhea, but I have not had a nice, relieving poop. Today - I was successful in this task. What? You think this is strange to blog about - let me tell you - I know more about the other volunteer/trainees bowel movements than I do about where they grew up.

  • I've gotten increasingly irratated by peoples dumb questions - not good. But I'll be trying to lighten up .... maybe.


  1. hehehehe! about pooping. that's something i didn't really thing about, but it makes total sense. your body is adjusting to a completely new environment and diet.

    hope you're having fun!