Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Errbody Gettin Tipsy

17 Juillet 2010

Went to Baratapas (I may or may not be spelling that right...but if I'm not, I'm gonna need you to come to West Africa and give me a spelling lesson - please, enlighten me) yes - I went to Baratapas with: get ready - it's a long list:

Austin, Nick, Nate, Daneil, Dan Pinte, Josh, Sam, Margo, Amanda, Christi, Erika, and another PCV's name I completely forget the name of (no hard feelings)

We ordered food, beer and some of us got a round of shots - I soon realized that I am a complete light-weight in West Africa! After a shot I felt my eyes getting heavy. Talk about sad times. Gosh. But - let's first talk about these shots - er - well - how they are made, or mixed, rather. This French man who owns the bar soaks and flavors his own rum!

Y U M - O !

He had anana, mint, mangue, candy - or baileys flavored - ginger and probably more. So the 1st shot I tried was the anananaaa!! I love that word, and the fruit, and the flavored rum! Didn't taste anything like pineapple - just rum that completely burned as it went down - but still marvelous! After that shot we got our food: Pulled pork avec mangue and crudité! It was great! Probably some of the best food I've had since I got to this country. Amanda and I shared a beer - yes, beer - I know, I don't like beer. But I will say that in this country - I enjoy beer. All wonderful until I decided I needed to go check out the bathroom. I was fine - but for some reason the world was on a weird teeter-totter tilt and made it extremely difficult for me to walk straight. I will say - I covered it up quite well! At least I think I did. But boy was I feeling it. Stumbling a wee bit - but straight. Austin, Nick and Nate all made fun of me - thanks guys.

So here's the good part - got to the bathroom after walking down this long, dark corridor - and everything was wet! The floor. The sink. The toilet. I looked around for some kind of leak - but nothing - just Africa. Ha. Okay - so after contemplating whether or not I should take my chances in the oceanic bathroom - I looked at this picture, rather, mural: Two men. One man is standing while urinating into the toilet - yet, he is doing this with the biggest frown ever. The other man is sitting on the toilet while urinating - with the BIGGEST smile on the planet! The frowning man had a big red X over his body...the other man did not.


Yes - I decided I could hold my urge to go - I'm not an expert at hovering yet.

After a few more sips and snacks I bought Austin, myself and Erika each a shot! Generous, I know. I tried mint this time and O H E M G E E it burned and was so strong! The French man, Allan, said that ginger was the strongest, and Austin said he about threw up after trying it two years ago. = Vagabond...I'm gonna need you to take that one like a champ. I know you can do it!

We left and all went to this jazz bar. It had old pictures of jazz artists everywhere - all B&W - so I was as happy as a bee in a field of daisies. And on top of that - the bar was playing a lot of old jazz in A N G L A I S. Definitely a good choice. Played darts. Watched people dance. Watched the fellows play pool. It was a pretty chill place. Good conversations too. Let's hear it for connecting with a fellow Texan from TX A&M...Gig'em. I'm actually pretty excited there are a few other Texans here to connect with.

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  1. Go lauren! Who was the Texan? Was it Austin? Cause that would be funny. I got your letter and have been inspired to write you back! I've been lazy!