Sunday, August 8, 2010


11 Juillet 2010

The final match for the World Cup was tonight!

Spain VS Netherlands
01 00

A pretty intense game - me, the PCV host, Katie, Ashley, Kerry and Yulan (the PCV's neighbor) were all huddled on the floor on this make-shift mattress couch watching the game from the smallest TV ever. It was great - and it was a great game - everyone was hustling and being drama queens, kicking each other, being really hot :), and kicking football's ass. It was nice to share that experience in the homeland.

We were all rooting for the opposite team - Katie & the PCV were for the Netherlands, Ashley was for Spain and Yulan didn't care - and I was rooting for the winning team and was just entertained by commenting on the good looks and giving "creepy compliments"

"I like his facial hair"
"I really enjoy his eyeball sockets"
"His eyes are orgasmic"

Quoi Quoi Quoi

Aside from all of that - we drank Dolo today (a home-brewed alcoholic beverage here) and this old woman with the scariest teeth and or mouth situation EVER (she had orange cola nut stuff wrapped up in her dents) was talking to the PCV and I don't think they could fully understand each other - so the PCV just said (while smiling the biggest smile ever)

And the woman looked at the PCV, blinked her eyes twice, grinned and said:
While nodding her head.


Okay - time for bed. More writing tomorrow? Free day!?!

Oh - and Bob Marley, Cher and Keesha made it to the final playlist of the World Cup 2010 AFRICAAAA.

Robot! Give me freedom. Give me Fire! --- Advertisements for the World Cup = Weird.

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