Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chuck Norris & Egg Sandwiches

Dimanche, 18 Julliet 2010

First night in Koudougou! Stage has been moved to this new city where we'll finish off our last month or so of training. We're in a very quaint hotel pretty close to the center of the city. And when I say quaint I really mean it looks like a prison inside the small rooms for four. I'm housed with three other girls for a couple of days until we move into our host family: Figgy, Althea and Roar. We have no A/C - but we've got a fan, electricity and running water. No toilets... but I like this easing back into the rural setting.

Highlight of the night: a Chuck Norris film dubbed in French and only costs 50 franc CFA! After a good, cold Brakina and a deceivingly delicious omelet sandwich...we crossed the dusty path to a shack with a small TV, cement mounds in the earth for benches and very loud speakers. We watched an episode of FRIENDS (also in French) and then came the finale! Chuck Norris! It was hilarious. I don't know the title of the movie - but it was of the little boy who was taking karate and was dreaming he was fighting with Chuck Norris...yada yada. It was really great. It was especially funny when I realized I had seen the movie before. :]

We start training again tomorrow morning.

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