Monday, September 20, 2010

I'll be Living Where?

Monday, 09 Août 2010

Site announcements were today after all our sessions of language and whatnot! My new home for the next two years is a little village south of a provincial capital in the central southern region of Burkina Faso. *Due to Peace Corps policies, I don't think I'm allowed to post the name of my village - so I'll simply write about it!

The half page of paper I received today said I'll be living in a family compound but will have my own house. A house with two rooms and a small indoor shower area and private outdoor latrine. I'll have my own courtyard: which is great! I'll be getting a dog and cat ASAP.

I'm about 6K off the main road that runs from the capital to the south of the country. Ashley will be living in one of my neighboring villages. I think she'll be around 40K from me.

I'm the first volunteer at site! This is both really exciting and very intimidating all at the same time. I won't have to worry about filling someone else's shoes or picking up disappointed bits from a past volunteer. But I also will be doing a lot of meet and greets - it will all be my own responsibility to make ties and relations with the community members.

All in all I'm really excited - but very much saddened I'm not in the South WEST! I'm planning on making some trips down there though. I hear it's so beautiful down there - I'm a wee bit jealous.

A side note:

Just cleaned my first wound in Burkina Faso! My host brother has a gnarly looking wound on the bottom of his foot - been wrapped up in dirt and sweat for three days and now I hear him crying outside Martine and my room. We walk out and find the father burning the gash with some charcoal. I got some antiseptic and rinsed the gash and wrapped it up (with gloves of course) and made sure Martine told them that this wasn't going to make it heal...They still needed to go to the CSPS or the hospital tomorrow! I swear - that boy needs stitches! The wound seems pretty deep set. No good.

The weirdest thing is that this family is pretty well off. They have electricity, running water, cellphones and a computer - but they don't know when to go to the CSPS or how to dress a wound. That's essential - especially here in this country where everything is covered in dirt and pounds upon pounds of filth: bacteria galore! I really hope they follow through and go to the doctor tomorrow. Otherwise, Hamado is gonna be in a lot of pain for a long time and may get really sick from an infection.

Bring on the CSPS!
I'm ready.

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