Sunday, September 19, 2010

And Let's Climb Invisible Stairs Together...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We've been in Koudougou for about three days now and it's been quite a "re-adjustment" period. We're housed in a room of 4, latrines, outdoor showers, no A/C and are - as always - with the same people all the time. It has gotten a little overwhelming. I see all the same faces every day. Health people 24/7: which isn't terrible, but isn't good. I feel like my English is getting worse as I study French and am around people who speak in broken sentences.

Phew - enough complaining.

The other night we all went out to get a beer and this little deaf boy whom I befriended found me again! Mon Ami!! It's so difficult to see people, but children especially, with handicaps in this country. Other children would attempt to talk to him - but a lot of them seemed to only mock him. Even the other trainees were making fun of him - shame on them. It didn't make any sense that people are here to help - and yet - they don't have the compassion for the people who need help; not even help, but just someone to make them smile. I got in a conversation, small talk really, with another trainee and he had the audacity to tell me I should be holding a rosary and go pray. What? No thank you. I don't need a god to be compassionate nor do I need one to be "well behaved" - which is what he was inferring. It really made me mad. It just really irks me when I find characteristics of people who are here to help that completely contradict what they should feel or do or act. Ridiculous.

Anyway - I'm getting more and more ready to just be living and working. I want so badly to speak the language: French and the local language - whatever that may be. I'm ready to be in village. I'm excited to know where I'll be living for the next 24 months. It's been just a month since I left good ol' Texas - and I've learned so much. Tonight, for instance, I was bombarded by a large group of vendors and random Burkinabe. It was a little scary - the ladies were demanding I buy avocados, bananas and citrus - but all I wanted was some apples. I told a lady and she RAN to get them for me and then shoved them in my face. 1500 franc CFA for three apples. I said no way! Trop cher! And got her down to 900 franc CFA - which is still a little much...should be able to buy 5 for a mil (1000) CFA. While I was bargaining with her there were men digging at my bike tool bag and I literally had to grab his hand and shove it away. Then a lady was grabbing at my nalgene. Geez - it was ridiculous. Frustrating. I went to leave and a lady got on my bike because I didn't buy her avocados! I was pissed. They were just trying to take advantage of this nessara!

bagh. Ca va aller.

Aside from all that minute drama I've decided I miss being affectionate with another being.
I should probably get over this...

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