Monday, September 20, 2010

Bring me Back

Sunday, 22 Août 2010

"and there you are asleep against the window pane just like always - you said you like to hear the rain sometimes and all I can do is tell you the truth"

What is it about music that completely brings you back?

I have traveled back in time and am driving the Hyundai Elantra with Bean, Chris and Jimmy listening to this band full blast - driving out on dirt roads without a care in our minds. It's amazing.

Earlier I was with Adam - listening to him sing at the top of his lungs to Jamie Cullen while we're driving to Rosa's to get some tacos for his family in Midland. All I could do was laugh - that's it. I wish I could call him and talk to him about how much I miss him - Not just in a mushy gooshy way, but really, truly miss his company...when it was just me and him: Beak and Bird. I miss joking around with him, teasing him, him teasing me and just hanging out together.

I love music. I love the way it can completely transform your day: your experiences: your everything. Even your relationships. Sometimes I wonder if Adam's mom had it right when she told us about her dream. Maybe she isn't seeing the whole picture, not everyone in the dream is a clear image.

Until then - I'll live my life through this music that flows through my veins.

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  1. Guess I missed this one. I miss you too. In many different ways. I miss your company, I miss your stupid cat sounds, I miss your laugh, your competetive spirit. I miss everything about you and me. Maybe it didnt get lost. maybe it was just misplaced. Maybe my mom was right. I don't know. What I do know is that we are both chasing our dreams and having a good time doing it! Im so proud of you bird!