Monday, September 20, 2010

Sweat Sweat Dance!

28 Août 2010

We're affecting tomorrow morning! Whoa! This is it - I'm moving into my new home for the next two years and it's the beginning of a new job - a new adventure. I am scared. lonely. excited. intimidated. sad. happy. overjoyed. determined. motivated. intrigued. I am all of the above and I am things that can not be put down in words. I am a volunteer.

Let's talk about the fact that:

August 27th = SWEAR IN + 22ND BIRTHDAY

It was everything I had thought it would be and beyond. Swearing-in felt so good: surreal. I love everything about it - my complet, my friends, the guests, the speakers, the food, the drinks, the language, the pictures: everything! After the amazing ceremony we went to Chez Simone and off to a dance hall / bar and dance danced danced! Then hopped over to another dance hall. It felt so great to just let loose! It was a blast.


  1. I just want to dance tonight! I want to get in a circle around our pocket books and just dance. Screw guys! lol I can't wait to skype again.

  2. Congrats! Hope you like ur new home! :)