Friday, October 29, 2010

From Paris to Tokyo

Standing on one foot with you're eyes on the track,
you're living life through a picture frame.
Stand up straight love, you're a balancing act,
but it's not enough to save your name.
Your hands are tied with this life you wish to live.
My eyes are blind to love you cannot give.

You can't fly with broken wings,
and I can't lie for the things I need.
Even though you shine with the light that's leading me,
I'll search for the dark to keep me company.
That's all I need.

One day you'll live in France
and spend your summers in Japan.
But you'll think of me at 30,000 feet
through a seven hour lifespan.

You are, you are married to your changing ways.
You are, you are the words I need to say
You're a rebellious bird no one can tame.
When I find my voice I'll say your name.
I'll say your name.

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