Saturday, October 2, 2010

Night Skies

Tuesday, 07 Septembre 2010

I woke up cold and uncomfortable.

Its a hazy, overcast morning with a heavy dew and, always, crying babies. I went to sleep thinking about how vast the night sky is here - how infinite and open. I've never seen so many stars and doubt I'll ever be able to once I leave this country. Yet, the people here don't seem phased at all by the sky - by the incredible amount of stars - up in the sky - pockets of gas always fading but never seizing to resist it's imminent fate. Not waiting, but always fighting and brightly shining until it bursts. There are many more stars than I would've dreamt. I was dizzied by their numbers. Almost felt as if my world down here was spinning wildly beneath such a calm sky. Content in it's fate. Content and very simple, unlike the world below. This world we are always fighting the elements and struggling against the simple flow of life. We are never simply content...always in need of expansion, change, invention and upgrades. But yet, the world we live on has been here far longer than we. And that is the the same for the happy sky above us. We should look up and learn from the glimmering stars: those pockets of gas burning. Yet, when you see the burning, you'd realize their fighting personnas are what gives them life. But also takes that life away when the time sees fit. Oh time. Time has it's own accord, it's own agenda. She is one element you can count on, and yet - she's selfish and can mislead you.

I woke up this morning.
But, seemingly, content.


  1. I want to remember this night.
    How my words never came out right.
    It's just my patience that keeps me alive.
    Just like all those pretty lights,
    all those pretty lights in the sky.

    Look up what this song means when you get a chance. He has a youtube video where he explain how and why he wrote it. I think it's perfect for what you wrote.
    His name is Andrew Belle.

  2. I just want you to know how excited I was to read all your new entries. I missed talking with you this weekend, but will try again in the morning. I hope your repairs and privacy issues are being fixed, and you find a way to combat those pesty, nasty little insect creatures. Please be safe and careful...I miss you beyond words.