Monday, October 4, 2010

Money Money Money

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Progress - what is this without work? Progress is simply not possible without struggle, relationships with people, hard work and, unfortunately, money.

Speaking of this phenomenon: I want to start saving money instead of spending it... I can't believe the amount of money I spent in the past six days. I can't believe it. Ouaga is to blame for the majority.... but wow - NO WAY!!! I could be exaggerating the amount [64.000 CFA] but I'd rather say I spent that much and not...than say I spent X amount and am now in the hole.

I only want to spend about 30.000 CFA per month.

I really think I can do it - and that would mean I can save money for travel.

Side note:
I introduced exercise to to my family compound today - they were simply awestruck when I started jump-roping. Then children started trying to peer into my house from outside my patio area. Oh the joy of achieving goal number 2... it's amazingly simple.

Gotta get up & run tomorrow AM

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  1. Save your moooooney!!! I still plan on going to see you.