Saturday, October 2, 2010

Moosh! I Love You!

Saturday: 04 Septembre 2010

Been in village for 6 jours and I'm still really overwhelmed…but it doesn't seem too bad anymore.
I need to do the following:
  1. Find a Tutor
  2. Organize House
  3. Buy Things for House
  4. Paint
  5. Find all PC material
  6. Make a Map of my Village
  7. Make a list of People Met
  8. Figure out the CSPS/Aire Sanitaire
  10. Figure out if I have a Parasite
Good. That's a good start.

Last night was really fun. Rob came down to my village - rather, we: me, Rob and his friend Josh rode our bikes down from Sapouy yesterday morning and Josh left early due to the fact that his bike broke while riding on the terrible dirt road that connects my village to the main goudron (major cement road)... the rain that produced the mud was not helping the situation or the fact that we were all so very tired after the 20+ KM bike ride to the dirt road. Did I mention it's a terrible, terrible path. And during this bike ride, I fell into this feces-infested, mud hole, swamp of all things gross. I blame karma. Rob went one way - and I went the other, told him he went the wrong way and that he was definitely going to fall...and then I lost balance, slipped - put my foot down into the muddy swamp, foot slipped, and thus I fell over...straight into the pit of grossness. Rob called me a swamp ass. I got up after a good laugh - and we were on our way - by that time, the rain had started once again. We were soaked, I was injured. Damn battle wounds. By the time we made it back to my house I found other injuries...

So what made the night so great? Dave Matthews, Fergie and great food. I made fideo!!! It was amazing. Was just missing pinto beans. Ashley - you would be proud. And he moosh-cat came around and I fed it chicken while I confessed my love of it. Rob made fun of me - says I'm weird cause I talk to animals, plants and food... that's normal, is it not? Well, I fed Mortamore (the moosh-cat) and I said I loved it every time it ate a piece of chicken. He loved it because he came back for more tonight! I made more fideo and added some veggies and more chicken. Yum.

It was fabulous and I shared it with my neighbors. They all fought over it cause they liked it so much! At first they were very skeptical, but the kids began to eat it, and the women all laughed when I asked how it was. They just nodded (the kids) and then I said...come try this, I'm a good cook!! And the women all came running - the fideo was gone in less than 5 minutes. Talk about a hit! I'm really happy they didn't spit it out. That would have made me sad.

Welp - aside from all that: I'm really missing my family ad friends. I miss being able to talk to my mom and dad whenever I want. And I miss being able to drive down to see Ashley - I miss that comfort. I'm not saying I need it - but my heart sure does desire it, and misses it so. It's funny, I'm not homesick, but rather upset I can't hear the people that mean the most to me. I miss my beak and really wonder if I miss him because that's comfortable or if I really really miss him. Maybe I'm just being needy - but why not miss the ex then? Hmm - tricky, eh?

Well - it's time for bed. It's almost 22:00 - and I want to wake up with the sun tomorrow. We'll see if that happens.

I hope it doesn't rain tonight.
I'm loving my BugHut 2

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