Monday, April 11, 2011

Bike. Capture. Bath

Friday: 14 janvier 2011

Got some discouraging news today from my neighbors - they warned me not to bike or go running alone because a woman was "trappait" (I actually don't know what word they were using in French, but it sounded like that), or captured by force! I asked them if it was during the day and they said yes. uh oh. They told me to tell the Major when I'm going to Sapouy and have someone (a man, preferably) come with me. Tomorrow I'll ask the Major and Agathe if they have heard anything regarding a woman being taken by force on the way to Taré or another village close by. Gosh - that's not what I ever wanted to hear - especially during the daytime!! I wonder if they are maybe just hearing information and misinterpreting it? I don't really want to risk it though - I mean, I THINK I could fight off someone - but these men are all muscle... So I'm pretty sure I would lose.

On the brighter side of things - I finished my 5th PACA today: The Peuhl men and found a man who speaks both French and Feuhlfeuhldé! YAY. These were only 21 men and this one proves that men truly will be more difficult to get to come to a meeting/reunion/sensibilization or activity. Tomorrow is the CoGes meeting and Sunday I'll speak with the Grounnsi men. I might leave that evening (late afternoon, with the sun still shining brightly) to Sapouy so I can leave for Ouaga early Monday instead of leaving late afternoon for the city.

Side note: I gave Colonel Mustard his first bath today. He didn't like it one bit. BUT he was so pretty afterwards! At least, that is, once he dried. :]

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  1. Are you serious? I got a little tang of upset reading this....I just keep thinking about what I read about assault and I remember that PCV are most vulnerable after they acclimate to their surroundings and begin to feel safe. This is when the reality of where they are and who they are kinda makes them let their guard down...usually at night and alone, but if your neighbors are expressing concern, go ahead and listen to them. Better to live on the edge of caution than to be left in the dark and wonder what have I gotten myself into. Please promise to remember that...and just be careful...probably more so than you have been. Luck does run out, and there are "people" everywhere that don't follow the norm... On another note...I was sadful when I read about the kitty's bath, knowing the future as the blogs are not real time. Perhaps a puppy is in the making. I think that would be a wonderful companion to you...fingers crossed. Love You Always and Forever....Mama