Thursday, April 21, 2011

Six Words

Sunday: March 06, 2011

This proves my fickleness: I uttered the 6 words I NEVER thought I'd say:

"Maybe I will stay three years"

Oh boy. Here's why: I thought about how long (such a short period in the whole run) I've been at site - it's been six months: from September to February - and I thought about all the things I have yet to do... I have yet to causer casually and consistently with my family compound. I have yet to learn all their names. I have not entirely made up my house. I'm just now painting the inside of my house. I ordered two chairs and a table. I'm getting a shelving unit made. I haven't even hung pictures up because I was waiting to paint. SIX MONTHS. So - as I do - I thought about my potential projects: HEARTH model will be held back for a while because I've been gone so much. My moringa seeds have not been touched because I don't know what or how to make a pepinaire. Gah. By this rate I may only get a couple of HEARTH models in, few demonstrations of enriched bouille ... and maybe teach a health class at the primary school.

So - because I want to do work I said those terrible six words

I take them back

Side note: some bug is frantically trying to either get in my bughut and attack me or just crawl underneath it. Of course I think it's a scorpion carrier, but at this point it's hard for me to care.

I've moved my tent from one side/corner of my patio to the middle - I'm gonna see if I sweat as much here - as I did there. I'm thinking I'll be moving on into the middle of the compound soon enough. It's HOT and I'm pretty sure I'm in a constant state of perspiring... and not just a little - but like the way Dad sweats profusely after washing his car, taking a shower and standing under a fan... and still is dripping sweat... for HOURS.


I hope heat rash doesn't plague me.

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