Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Women Vs. Men

Friday: March 04, 2011

Second day of ear piercing and all is well. It's not incredibly swollen, nor does it hurt more than it should. I can move the plastic earring up and down with ease so there is minimum blood, puss, plasma excreting from the newly opened hole. good.

I had an incredibly lazy day (not planned). Got up around 9 because I had such a hard time sleeping (partly because of my ear and partly because of the heat) and so my intention was to eat breakfast, take a bucket bath and head out to the CSPS. Well - at least my intentions were good, right? Instead I walked, rather paced, around my onesizefitsall and made chocolate peanut butter oatmeal (yum!) and finished reading "Another Roadside Attraction" by Tom Robbins. Not sure how I feel about the entirety of his first novel, but there are plenty of quotes/idiosyncrasies that I adore. So, overall - it was well worth reading. Next I thought about taking a bucket back because by this time of the day I'm sweating just from sitting in my house but get distracted by my computer and decided to watch a movie - really - I just wanted to see what one particular movie was about (and yes, this is rare that I get to watch something at site... one the rare occasion that my computer is charged from a recent trip to the city)...So I've heard good things about this movie: Inception. Well, I'm completely stuck within the first 5 minutes - so mind blown, confused, intrigued... yea - looks like I'll be watching this.

Ew. I have sweat just D R I P P I N G from me and the sun isn't even UP! It's almost 8pm. WTF Gross.

So back to the movie - it was fantastic - and I so wish sometimes life were more like dreams, or rather, I wish we had the option to live in our dreams sometimes. So good. Must see that again and own it when I'm back in the States.

The rest of my day consisted of finding a new book to read: "The Book of Laughter and Forgetting" by Milan Kundera. seems okay right now. And then I ate a late lunch (around 3 pm) and then went to the pump 4 times to fill up my blue garbage bin.

Oh my gosh - I despise how men here believe with all their might that they are the superior of the two sexes - that they have the right-of-way in every situation and they deserve to be first at everything and what they say is the law. Bullshit. I tell you, absolute B U L L S H I T. Even the teenage - possibly even preteen boys think their word is greater than WOMEN twice their age.

So, this group of boys came to the pump and completely tried and succeeded to take control. There are some girls who just have a small bottle they'd like to get filled and put it under the faucet and the boy who's pumping (power hungry for sure, or just an asshole) knocks the bottle out of the girls hand and the other boy shoves her aside and places a big bidon under the faucet. I get up, pick up the bottle - remove the bidon from the faucet and tell the boy to "pumpé!" and I fill up the bottle for the girl - the women seemed impressed and I got some resistance from the boy who was pumping water (he laughed and thought I was joking... ha, year right kid) But geez. That irks me so much.

Back at home and I find Ligdi on my wall. I take some pics with him and wonder how he got so low... maybe he fell? And just when I thought that he does fall!! I wonder if he's okay... I sure hope so. For his sake, and mine. I don't want some rabid Ligdi bat dead in my house - and I'd be sad if he got hurt during his tumble.

Sweating profusely.
Holy bucket.

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  1. So, I go to check the blog site, thinking you may have entered something while able to get internet at your new temp site - and gooood grief...30??? Where did all this come from...I was totally immersed with you for a good hour. It was like I could attach our phone conversations to the immediate emotion or event, which gave everything a clarity and "I get it" factor. Each one is so unique and reflective of your current state of mind - whether intended or not...Nut Nut is there and I love it. I see you, I hear you, and ache with you when you struggle. Wings clipped and learning to fly....just trying to decide on which direction - for how long - and how high- that is all...Roger that...forever and always...