Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"What the Quan?!"

19 Fevrier 2011

I hear a voice while I'm peacefully sleeping in my tent outside (under my hanger) and I open my eyes and see the neighbor boy holding a baby and another small boy standing at the entrance of my patio (according to Peace Corps, it's my own private courtyard... lies) and they're just WATCHING me sleep. God. Effing. Damn it. So creepy. I yell at them in English to "get the hell away!! GO!!" They just kind of stood there and I waved my hand in the motion of getting them the heck away from my house and they finally left. O. M. G. So damn creepy. In the States there are PLENTY of "normal" behaviors here that would be illegal. gaaaahhhh.

Phew that was a bad way to wake up - but the day has been good. Finished all my laundry (sans underwear and pagnes - but have plenty until my fingers heal). Went to the pump at least six times today during my rounds of mediums and darks and filling up my water filter (I was stupid and added bleach this time and now it tastes like a pool). I got my back tire patched - didn't feel like dealing with it deflating anymore and my fingers were too torn up to worry about it - so I took it to the marché and got a man to fix it. 75 CFA √ Then bought some beignets (need to lay off those, but they are SOOOO good) and went to the CSPS to chat with Agathe, NEYA and check my phone. We talked about how after two years I'll have a belly like Agathe's and arms like her too - I told her I do NOT want that to happen, that instead of fat, I want LOTS of muscle. Neya said if I get too many muscles then men won't be interested in me... I said "good - I don't want a man right now!" Then we talked about marriage, my family - how women in the States smoke cigarettes, fidelity and infidelity && what happens when someone is infidel in a marriage in the States) and lastly babies (and spacing them out). It was a good chat and made me happy to be in site. I want more of those. Mariam came at the butt end of the convo and commented on how I was wearing a pagne as a skirt (traditional for women here) and made fun of the way I attached it. I simply told her that I didn't know exactly how, but it works. They all laughed and Agathe told me to buy a pagne with a string to tie it so it's easy. As I was walking away Mariam said my skirt was going to fall off - but I just said "nu uh!" and turned around and did a little dance to show them it was secure and everyone cracked up! Oh I am such a comedian. Hardy Har Har. :]

Now I'm sitting after a bucket bath and only wish I could start painting my rooms! I found out that it's not necessary to apply cement on the walls after all. Apparently it's not bamko only, it has a layer of something else - so it's maybe a mix of cement and mud? But I just found that out today and I guess that's better because I may want to buy more colorant and I want to take pictures while I do it and my camera is in Ouaga.

Going to Sap tomorrow to pick up my dress (uniform for Ashley's wedding). I'm really excited to see the finished product. Then off to Galo for the night and on to Ouaga - Koudougou - Sabou and finally Sala!! Hopefully I'll make it in one day.

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