Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fully Recovered Kitty

Monday: 10 Janvier 2011

So it appears that Colonel Mustard is here to stay - at least as long as I'm here. He is still as vocal as ever and very curious. His wound has healed up rather nicely.

Okay, I know you don't know exactly what my house/patio looks like but I'm sitting up on my patio's wall, under my hanger and Colonel Mustard has decided he needs to be here with me. He climbs up one of the tree posts inside my patio area, no way for him to get to where I'm at from there... he fumbles about and finally retreats. Goes down the way he came. Crying the WHOLE time. Then looks up at me and cries some more. He leaves my patio area and I think he's forgotten about me being up here - oh no, sir - he's scoping out another route. One of the outside tree posts will do - and that's when I see him climbing up at full speed! Gets to the top and climbs onto another "branch" that holds up the straw roof. From there my gymnist takes a leap and gets onto my wall and all he does is stare at me and, what do you think he does? Cry! More or less like a yell. Then I make the safest route with my hand in the air and he follows suite. So smart (ish). and now he's climbing on me, on my journal, attacking my pen as I write, getting right up in my face and meeeeowwwing and just wanting to play! He got the point that I'm writing. Mama's busy! So he played along the top of the wall, attacking my cowstring, the straw hanging down and just running back and forth. I'd say he's fully recovered, eh? He's eating more too! Rice is pretty much all I've given him - he likes it. We'll just have to see if he'll be here when I come back from IST - a week in Ouaga and another week in Koudougou. Two weeks - I don't know if he'll stick around or if my family will fee him so he will stay.

Speaking of IST - I wanted to finish my PACA tools and talk to the CoGes before I leave, but I still have ALL the men to talk to and the meeting with the CoGes. I was supposed to conduct an activity with the Grounssi men yesterday but it was canceled due to a funeral in another village. So tomorrow I'll be speaking with the Mossi men. Tuesday morning. Then on Friday I'll speak with the CoGes and possibly the Peuhl men and Monday morning I'll talk with the Grounssi men. It's gonna be a long week - but maybe it will be a really face week due to all the "meetings?"

I washed all my dirty clothes Saturday and Sunday and I'm pretty damn proud of myself! Did that AND washed my sheets, blanket, pillowcase and tent!! The only thing I need to do now is wash the rest of my panties and bras and then figure out how I'm gonna pack for two weeks. Maybe my backpack and rice sack? I can't pack anything in my rolling luggage - maybe I can - but I don't know if I can properly attach that to the back of my bike and be able to bike 27 km with it.

The end of this month will mark my fifth completed month at site... making me 7 months in Africa. 20 months to go. Really, 19 months. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna take the first opportunity to get out so I can start my life back in the States ASAP.

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