Tuesday, April 12, 2011

& You Were Not the Same After That

February 21st, 2011: monday

Well - I made it to Sala in one day - I wouldn't necessary say in one piece (in more way than one - I'm a little torn/broken/battered).

Last night was spend in Gallo at Chev's house. I'm getting to really like that lady a lot! We had tô with gumbo sauce and salad for dinner and "hired" a biiga (child) to kill a scorpion carrier outside of her latrine.... I was sitting in her house reading Discover magazine and I hear her call my name. She asked if I could kill a spider for her - yeah, sure, why not? So I was summoned at first, but couldn't gussy up enough nerve for that monster! So I used my bien integre knowledge and called out for a child to come... and thus, one did - we pointed at the spider and he looked at us like "are you serious? you called me out here in the pitch dark to kill a small spider for you?!" but it was HUGE!!! I promise! After that task we talked about boys and how things have strangely occurred here... people getting together, relationships ending/starting, drunken occurrences here, etc. And then we went to bed. Sometime during the night either a mouse or lizard conjured up a plan to jump on my head around 5:00am while I was minding my own business sleeping... I was rightly traumatized and Chev invited me under her mosquito net and sleep safely for a little longer - where we are safe from ALL elements.

The next day (today) I woke up and caught a bus to Ouaga, got to the transit house, took a shower, mooched on electronics to charge my iPod, phone and get online... and that last one was a mistake. I immediately log onto Facebook and to my dismay find that my entire being fell apart. I found out news or gossip that I'd rather not known about. My Beak (even though really never mine to call officially) is no longer mine to call. I know I haven't been able to "call him mine" since the summer of '09, but something sparked "us" again while I've been over here and even though I told him I couldn't live in two places at once... I didn't think he would rush into a relationship. I thought we were on mutual terms... but I guess that was stupid for me to assume.


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