Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sunburn Fever, Remedy: Paint

February 17, 2011: Thursday

Who loves it when you forget to apply sunscreen and then ride your bike 27km during the sun's peak? Oh yeah - that's what happened today. My face and arms are so burned! The worst it's been since I arrived in country. Damn. Good news: UNIFORMS!!! for Ashley and Josh's wedding are in the making. We (Chev, Emily and I) went shopping for fabric yesterday and decided on a sherbet green/navy blue ensemble with swirls and... wait... best part... PINEAPPLES! Oh yeah. So posh. Chev's getting a halter top dress, Emily: a tube top dress and I'm getting a scoop neck! I'm really excited. I bought some blue lace with brown satin to put up for the top and the bottom part will be the pineapple fabric. I actually think it will be pretty.

I'm getting for a busy next few months ... In 3 days I'm going to another volunteer's site and we're going to do an enriched porridge demonstration and plan a cloth recipe (pictures only) book for volunteers and locals. Then I'll leave and that following weekend I'm going to Ouaga to fill out my VRF (volunteer reporting form) and attend the 50th anniversary celebration (work related, yes!) in Ouaga that's being put on by Friends of Burkina. On the 9th I'll go to Sap to celebrate and put on a bachelorette party for Ashley and the 10th through the 13th I'll be in Ouaga: all wedding related! Then back down to village and (HOPEFULLY) I'll do a HEARTH model the 14th/15th/16th and on for two weeks... then the 30th through the 3rd of Avril I'll be at a Family Planning formation (workshop) and then I'll do either a girls cam before going on a 2 week vacation or vice-verca. All the while, I'll be helping out at the CSPS and maybe doing enriched porridge demos, helping with the school garden and making soap! Whew!! It's gonna be a good, busy, exhausting month and a half. I can't wait.

I also bought paint for the inside of my house - the one size fits all room will be yellow and the bedroom will be green. I need to find someone to cement my walls though. The guys at the store told me I couldn't paint on my walls because they're not cement and I could risk having them crumble. So that will be postponed for a bit - I guess that's okay. I also need to find someone to make a bookshelf for my bedroom and possibly something for my onesizefitsall room. I'm getting two chairs made!! Yippee!!

side note: I took a nap today and dreamt my mom suddenly showed up with her Hyundai SantaFe and was trying to talk with my family compound and was really just playing charades because they don't speak the same language. I was napping when she showed up and so (in my dream) I woke up and showed her around a bit, told her to park her car over by the cows and then I wanted to go back to sleep, but I keep on getting up and showing her around, and going back to nap, back and forth. It was bizarre and confused me when I woke up (for real). It made me want my mom to visit SOON! I'll have to wait until summer for that - seems so far away but I know it's right around the corner. We've been in country for 8 months. WOW. At site for 6 months - I can't believe that. I'm so ready to get working. Time will fly by even faster and I'll feel like I'm useful and have accomplished things (unlike now :[ )

Alright, time to go to Agathes to causer - ate tô from my neighbors already tonight and it was so so so good!! I think I'll learn that sauce tomorrow.

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