Sunday, April 3, 2011

This is the beginning of the second chapter... It begins with a heartbeat

Thursday: 06 Janvier 2011

I'm ready to fly. I think I'm able to do so - but to fly across this ocean between us may be too much for me. I want to. Maybe you and the love that resonates from you can give me the strength I need to finish this journey.

One more week until IST and I finally got to talk with Alisone and he's going to try to organize the men so I can talk to each of the three ethnic groups BEFORE I go to Ouaga. That would be superb! I'll also be talking with the CoGes on the 15th about what they expect from me and what they believe the village needs = put their priorities out there so I can know. February will be here in no time & I believe I want to start "working" by March or April. I know that's the hot season, and it will be really difficult to find motivated individuals (hell, I may not be motivated either) because of the heat - but I've got to try. I want to do the following projects so far:
  • World Map Project
  • Health Murals
  • Coaching for Hope
  • Summer Camp (for girls or boys)
How and when I'll do this is beyond me. I would also like to (possibly) do some soap formations (workshops) with women here and start a savings and credit club. Also, I'd like to start a garden and introduce Moringa here in my village. I think I'm off to a good start - not too original with my ideas, but I think more creative/advanced projects would be better for 2nd or 3rd generation volunteers at my site.

April 2011: Health Murals
July 2011: Summer camp
September 2011: Garden
October/November 2011: Coaching for Hope

February 2012: World Map Project
April 2012: Soap Formation
July 2012: Summer Camp

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